Zune’s biggest fan rejects Microsoft

Microsoft’s Zune has lost its biggest fan, Steven Smith.
Smith was the man who last year declared himself so nuts for the Zune he went along and got three Zune-themed tattoos….now he says he wants to get rid of them and doesn’t want to be part of the Zune “community” any more. The news there, of course, is that there’s a Zune community in the first place. Still, with the product only available in the USA, perhaps there’s small semi-religious outposts of Zune worshippers, engaged in ritual iPod sacrifices, or something.
Anyway, back to Smith, he’s pretty much put together a single sentence review of the Zune: ““I have had the Zune since day one and have noticed little improvement. have tried my best to support them every step of the way but the recent Xbox Live announcement at E3 made me lose it.” That announcement, of course, bought video to the Zune – almost three years after Apple did that trick for its products.
Incidentally, we guess Smith’s plans to change his name to “Microsoft Zune” have also been flung out the window.

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