YouTube inks Lionsgate, TiVo deals

YouTube has reached a deal to offer film clips from Lions Gate Entertainment. Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt announced the deal at an Ad Age/William Morris Agency conference on Wednesday. Viewers will get access to their favourite clips while Lions Gate takes a slice of advertising income.
“Lions Gate is the next interesting example of (a company) trying to get the people who are fans on the internet and monetize it,” Schmidt told reporters, according to Reuters.
The new Lionsgate-branded channel is expected to launch soon. Meanwhile Google is in talks with other film studios, with the exception of Viacom, with whom it is currently at loggerheads in the US courts.
In related news, YouTube is also now available on TiVo. Users of TiVo Series3 and TiVo HD DVRs can stream all H.264 YouTube videos through a new option in the broadband video section. You get Most Recent, Top Favorites, and Most Viewed options, as with the online service.

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