Young music fans say ‘meh’ to streamed music

musical_notesFresh research from a UK Music research report shows music lovers are becoming less willing to pay for streaming music, because they want to own their tracks.

Conducted by the University of Hertfordshire and reported by PaidContent, it seems hope may be fizzling for operators such as Spotify, who hope to popularise subscription-based streaming music services.

There’s a host of stats in the report, but some highlights:

– 61 per cent of respondents file-share, down from 63 per cent in ‘08.
– 85 per cent of P2P downloaders would pay for an all-you-can-eat MP3 download service.
– 78 per cent do not want to pay for a streaming service – that reluctance has increased from last year‘s 65 per cent.
– People who would pay for streaming fell from 35 percent last year to just seven percent.

68 per cent listen to music on their computer every day (MP3 player 58 percent, radio 26 percent, mobile 21 percent, TV 19 percent, CD 15 percent).

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