Yahoo promises to reimburse music fans

Yahoo closed the week promising to reimburse customers who bought music from Yahoo Music that can no longer be easily played as a result of the company shutting down its online music store.

The move means Yahoo’s digital rights management servers willbe taken down, meaning customers could lose their music. It now appears Yahoo won’t abandon its customers, Yahoo Music spokesperson, Carrie Davis, told Information Week.

“You’ll be compensated for whatever you paid for the music,” she said. “We haven’t said exactly what we will do, but we will take care of our customers.”

The company planned to reimburse customers on a case-by-case basis, and has posted a FAQ page that includes a “contact customer care” button at the bottom for former Yahoo Music Store customers.

It appears Yahoo is considering money back refunds, or offering MP3 versions of existing tracks, which can then be played on other platforms and devices and aren’t restricted by DRM.

Yahoo has elected to close its store and music subscription service and migrate the operations to RealNetworks, Rhapsody music service.

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