WWDC – live video feeds

We’re not looking into WWDC in any great depth here at Distorted Loop, at least not at this stage, but regular readers may want to trek across to 9to5 Mac, where you’ll find a selection of live feeds coming through directly from the event, so long as their connections endure.

Get across to here to get a feel for what’s going down. We’ll be detailing some highlights as they happen after the jump.

PS: Best expect something – Apple’s network of online stores are blipping out at this very moment.

Strike One: iPhone factor means there’s now 75 million plus OS X users.

Strike Two: Apple launches new 15-inch MacBook Pro, with better battery life etc.

Strike Three: Apple introduces new MacBook and MacBook Air products, price changes all over the place.

And Number Four: Safari 4 is available now.

Into Snow Leopard – there’s lots in here and that discussion continues now. And Apple just revealed the price – it’ll set you back $29…”We wanted everyone to have this,” the company proclaims.. Ships in September.

iPhone Software 3.0 and new iPhone 3GS revealed, ships in a week and a half, apparently.

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