Wozniak tells us how he gave the Mac the gift of colour

In this clip Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, talks engagingly about how he added color to computing.

See more clips at Fora TV. (Looks like this may have taken place late last year, but this video’s only been in circulation a few hours, far as we can tell).

4 thoughts on “Wozniak tells us how he gave the Mac the gift of colour

  1. John Lockwood

    It is actually the Apple ][ that Steve Wozniak is talking about and how he added colour to it.

    While the Macintosh 128K (the first Mac) may have supported the concept of colour in its QuickDraw routines (something I am unsure about) it obviously had no way at all of actually displaying any colour unlike the Apple ][. The Macintosh II was the first Mac that actually displayed colour for real.

  2. Tasha

    John I don’t think that color Quickdraw came till the advent of the Macintosh II. Could Steve been talking about the Apple I? I know that the Apple II had color, but I don’t remember if the original apple I did.

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