World Aids Day: (RED)WIRE launches today

Today, World AIDS Day, many of the greatest artists on the globe will world-premiere exclusive songs to mark the launch of (RED)WIRE, the innovative new music service from (RED).

The launch is being marked with a series of live performances from artists including, U2, Jay-Z, Coldplay, John Legend, Dixie Chicks, The Killers & Elton John, The Police & Elvis Costello, Death Cab for Cutie and Sheryl Crow. These are available through

Visit today and all throughout the week to sign up and learn more about the service and its commitment to fighting AIDS in Africa.

As previously anticipated, (RED)WIRE is a digital music magazine that saves lives in Africa. Every Wednesday, (RED)WIRE members receive an issue featuring exclusive music from the world’s greatest artists. Half of the $5 monthly fee goes directly to the Global Fund ( to fight AIDS in Africa.

Members who join before Wednesday, December 10 will become “Founding Members” of (RED)WIRE and receive the premier issue on December 10 as well as a special bonus song from Jay-Z.

“MSN is honored to introduce (RED)WIRE to the hundreds of millions of people that visit MSN each month,” said Lisa Gurry, director for MSN.

(RED)WIRE has also selected iLike as the social-networking channel to help spread (RED)WIRE virally. Various content will be posted regularly on iLike for streaming and sampling, and syndicated via multiple channels including Facebook and the popular iLike Sidebar for iTunes. iLike will also enable artists to communicate directly with fans.

W Hotels will also be hosting live listening parties throughout their U.S. locations this evening as a kickoff for their ongoing support of (RED)WIRE.

For $5 a month, those who purchase (RED)WIRE memberships will be able to download a special custom player that allows them to experience each issue in an immersive, visual, magazine-like interface.

Members will receive a weekly digital music offering including an exclusive song from a major artist, a song from an up-and-coming artist, and a special piece of varied content (such as a digital short film, photography or a reading from an artist or actor) as well as a window about the impact (RED) dollars have in Africa. All (RED)WIRE content is DRM-free and can be burned to a CD and played on any device.

(RED)WIRE will help buy life-saving medicine and other services for those living with HIV in Africa.

This is the first (RED) initiative that allows (RED) to communicate directly with the people who’ve chosen to buy a (RED) product or service.

“(RED)WIRE is an important addition to the (RED) family of products and services. Not only because it creates an annuity to buy lifesaving medicine and other essential services for those living with HIV in Africa who will need to take this treatment for the rest of their lives, but also because it gives us our first direct relationship with (RED) consumers, creating a new platform to directly communicate the impact their (RED) purchases are having on people’s lives,” said Susan Smith Ellis, CEO, (RED).

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