‘Won’t be fooled again’: iPhone tool for audio pros

Here’s the iPhone app I’ve been looking for – SoundCheck – so, what’s it do?

OK – you’re in some shop testing headphones, a car stereo system, maybe a mixing desk or a PA. You know what the sound frequencies the product’s meant to support are, and because of the nature of these things you must make a subjective decision to see if they deliver their tech spec. claims.

You don’t have to do that any more.

From the maker: “Check (the) car stereo, mixer, PA, soundcard, …. you are planning to buy… are left and right connected properly ? Can your stereo play 20Hz? Can you hear 17 KH?”

Huge selection of tests. Older readers – you’ll be surprised what you don’t hear, sorry 🙁

Oh yeah, this tool (which you should have with you whenever you buy a pair of headphones we suspect, though we haven’t tested it quite yet) costs just 59-pence (99c). Take a peek.

PS: Regular readers, we do seem to have reached a glut of iPhone apps here today. We are aware also about EMI’s three-part business unit restructuring, some interesting iTunes alternatives, some new Zune designs (we like the designs, shame about the player) and, of course, Monday’s financial call from The Orchard. But we’re nothing without the music, which SoundCheck may help happen.

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