Win 7 – hype dies, Apple triumphs, MSFT fades

Slate analyzes Microsoft’s marketing of Windows 7 over the years, and finds it wanting. Incidentally, according to the NPD groups’ weekly tracking service, Windows 7 software unit sales in the U.S. increased 234% over Windows Vista’s first few days of sales.

However, hoped for uptick in PC demand didn’t take place after the launch of Windows 7 in late October and is unlikely to do so in 2009 due to most Windows Vista users not needing to replace their PCs in order to upgrade to Windows 7, while some users are waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 7’s first service pack, according to sources at Taiwanese PC vendors.

Returning to the ads theme – Windows 7 ads have lost the internet meme wow factor in the last week, while Apple’s own spots remain in the top ten ads online.

AdAge reports: “The Mac vs. Microsoft battle of the operating systems has been taken to the viral video sphere, and Apple emerged victorious this week. Microsoft’s Windows 7 campaign drops off the chart, while Apple’s newest “Get a Mac” creative hangs on in the No. 4 spot.”

It seems Microsoft’s future hangs with the Win 7 early adopters – will they love, or loathe the new OS? We’ve heard from the critics (and Microsoft PR), now lets see how the market goes.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon, we see the various flavours of Windows 7 decline in sales importance in the charts (though, to be fair, that’s also happening to Apple’s Snow Leopard.

A final nail? Check out CNN, who note that “Vista Sold More PC’s Than Windows 7 did“, pointing out that hardware makers haven’t seen much of an up-tick in PC sales on the new OS release.

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