Who will buy Microsoft’s iPod wannabe?

Big news, people, Microsoft has cut the costs of its Zune player, as it optimistically hopes to attract a few more users, well, any users, to its media player.

The company also released a software update (3.1) for the Zune which offered an update to its Texas Hold ‘Em game, and a few new bundled games including Checkers, Sudoku and Space Battle. It also updates the Zune Social features.

Other improvements to the company’s increasingly inconsequential play at the digital media market include improved stability and performance and Zune Social enhancements which include a visual refresh to make things easier to navigate, and a new feature called “Like Minded Listeners” that will let you see how compatible your music tastes are with friends and other listeners.

The new Zune prices:
16GB model, $179
8GB model, $139
4GB model, $99.

Even at these keen new prices it remains pretty clear Zune’s an also-ran in the digital media space, with the market moving to embrace media-enabled smartphones when they upgrade their current player (usually an iPod, rather than a Zune.

2 thoughts on “Who will buy Microsoft’s iPod wannabe?

  1. Rob

    I’m so glad to see this device fail. I was one of its biggest original advocates. They didn’t listen to their customers and the result is a mess. I pledged, I’d never become an iPod user, but Microsoft forced my hand. This was before I bought Vista.

  2. Jim

    Maybe they can keep pouring billions into this like XBox to force the market. After all, I think their shareholders will understand.

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