We7 duels Spotify in streaming music iPhone app attack

UK music-streaming service, We7 (partially-owned by Peter Gabriel), has thrown its hat into the ring to duel with Spotify, introducing its own iPhone app which offers access to all-you-can-eat music streaming.

The App was approved by Apple’s disapproval team this week. The app is available now but will not be fully active for subscribers until March 1, when subscribers paying £9.99 a month for the Premium Plus service (which also lets users access what they want online). Only available in the UK right now.

For the money, subscibers get unlimited music streaming on PC and iPhone (with Android and BlackBerry apps in development).

Matching one key Spotify feature, We7’s app also delivers an offline mode for the iPhone app, which allows playlists to be stored on the device.

This means users can create a playlist on their computer, when this is done the playlist instantly appears on the iPhone, where a user can enable offline mode to play the playlist on the phone without needing data access.

“It’s a brilliant app and a game-changing way of consuming music,” CEO Steve Purdham told Music Ally.

“The new premium services are about choice for the consumer, in the new digital music economy there is no single business model that fits all, that is why we give consumers the ability to listen to great music how they want, where they want and at a price they are prepared to pay.”

Read our interview with Steve Purdham here
Or our interview with Peter Gabriel here.

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