We7 campaign spreads love for album format

Ad-funded online music service We7 has launched a campaign to boost recognition of some of the world’s most underrated albums.

The company has teamed up with some music industry bloggers to develop a shortlist such albums. The company says this is an attempt to inspire music fans to experience artists’ full song-writing and performances in the way they were originally intended.

We7 is encouraging album lovers to vote for their favourite from the shortlist, or make suggestions for their own underrated albums missing from the list at the We7 blog.

The list includes releases from Gene, David Wiffen, Black Crowes, Primal Scream and Idlewild. If we had the chance to recommend something back we’d push for albums from Psychic TV, Faith No More and Citizen Fish, but that’s just us…here’s Faith No More’s classic track, ‘War Pigs’ for your delectation and delight.

Company CEO, Steve Purdham said, “We7 are big fans of albums, new and old. We’ve created a poll of the underrated musical masterpieces that never got the praise they deserved to raise awareness of the importance of the listening to whole albums. With the free live music streaming offered by We7, fans can listen to whole albums online for free and really get a get a much deeper experience of the artists and their abilities.”

The argument on the nature of the album format in the download age seems set to continue for some time, though there’s already a growing consensus that, at least for some artists, listening to album releases in their entirety is the only way to truly appreciate their art.

Sean Hannam of PopJunkie explains, “By only listening to single tracks, music lovers are missing out on hearing classic albums as the artist intended them to be heard. You wouldn’t want to just download a few tunes off The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’, would you? At PopJunkie, we’re huge fans of classic albums and we’re pleased to come up with our own ‘lost album’ suggestion for the We7s poll.”

The nomination with the biggest vote will be announced in the New Year.

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