We love iPhone remote control systems

Just had to quickly note i-Got-it Corp.’s all-new remote control system which puts your iPod or iPod touch in command of all your household electrical gadgets.

i-Got-Control is a plug-and-play accessory that turns an iPhone-powered device into a universal remote, allowing the user to control virtually any infrared device — TVs, stereo systems and more — at home or on the go.

The software ships with a database containing 40,000 IR codes for consumer electronic devices. The system consists of the i-Got-Control accessory and its associated iTunes app.

“i-Got-Control empowers users to operate A/V devices, as well as many other pieces of IR equipment, including lighting and HVAC systems, no matter where they are,” said Doug Schwartz, president of i-Got-it.com. “It also features an extensive built-in IR library, which means that — unlike most remote controls and other similar products in the marketplace — i-Got-Control does not require ‘learning,’ making it simple and easy to set up and use.”

Getting started with i-Got-Control is easy. Simply download the free i-Got-Control application via iTunes and connect the compact accessory to an iPhone (OS is 3.0 or higher), iPod touch or iPad. Launch the i-Got-Control application and select the devices to control via pre-defined, user-friendly screens. Last, choose the make and model of the IR devices and save the settings.
i-Got-Control costs just $69.95.

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