Watch out Apple iPad – Microsoft, Amazon reach patent deal

Here’s one we can’t quite assess – but it seems pretty clear Amazon’s realised it doesn’t make operating systems but needs some form of OS-based strategy for future generations of Kindle, and Microsoft must want to offer its own iBookstore too – so expect Kindle in Windows Mobile  7 devices, we’d assume….

Anyway, news is that Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has signed a patent cross-license agreement with Inc.

From the release, “The agreement provides each company with access to the other’s patent portfolio and covers a broad range of products and technology, including coverage for Amazon’s popular e-reading device, Kindle, which employs both open source and Amazon’s proprietary software components, and Amazon’s use of Linux-based servers. Although specific terms of the agreement are confidential, Microsoft indicated that will pay Microsoft an undisclosed amount of money under the agreement.”

Praising its IP licensing program (introduced in December 2003), Microsoft points out it has entered into over 600 licensing agreements, including deals with Apple Inc., HP, LG Electronics, Nikon Corp., and a host of others.

With a developer API, changes in Amazon’s publishing deals and promises of Apps in future, we can also imagine email clients and web browsing solutions will debut on future Kindle devices.

UPDATE: Some additional snippets pertaining to this deal just here, Amazon isn’t discussing it, strangely…

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