Warner’s anti-iTunes obsession hurts artists

“British R&B star Estelle has seen her single American Boy plummet down the US chart after her latest album, Shine, was taken off iTunes in the States.

Record label Warner made the move to force fans to buy the whole album, not just individual songs, reports said.

Single American Boy, featuring Kanye West, was a UK number one in March.
It was in the iTunes top 10 in the US before its removal. It was also at 11 on the official Billboard singles chart – but has now dropped to number 37.

The song has also fallen from number six to 59 on the Billboard download chart.”

All lifted from the BBC – had to go out, do my own write up later.

2 thoughts on “Warner’s anti-iTunes obsession hurts artists

  1. Dougee

    Yes, you can always rely on the label to screw up!

    According to nme.com Warners are claiming that is part of strategies:

    “uniquely tailored to each artist and their fanbase in an effort to optimise revenues and promote long-term artist development”.

    Tell that to Estelle…

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