Warner, We7, deal free music and ads

Warner Music UK has reached a deal with pioneering ad-funded music service, We7, under which music from Warner’s repertoire will be available on We7.com through both on-demand, ad-funded audio streaming and paid-for MP3 downloads.

It’s a big deal because it means Warner Music UK is the first major music company to offer MP3s using the We7 platform. Borrowing a leaf from Last.fm, We7 users will be able to stream tracks, create playlists, share their favourites and embed songs into their own webspace.

The catch? We7’s advertising technology plays short, targeted audio adverts before each streamed track. We7’s on-demand music player is integrated with We7’s download store, which offers music in MP3 format.

As part of the deal, two companies will offer value-added digital products such as album bundles with additional tracks, videos and interactive booklets. We7 plans to start delivering Warner Music’s content before the end of October.

Steve Purdham, Founder Investor and CEO, We7, said: “Recently there has been a lot of focus on piracy, but this deal is reflective of the radically changing digital landscape where music fans can access high quality, safe and legal alternatives. We’re very excited to be partnering with Warner Music and are looking forward to offering first-class content from their impressive roster of local and international acts on We7.com, where music fans get great music for ‘free’ that they can listen to when they want, and the choice to buy the music they love.”

John Reid, President, Warner Music Europe, said: “By empowering music fans to discover more music, whilst encouraging them to purchase new and exciting digital products, we are providing our artists with a potent means to expand their following and deepen the relationship with their fans.”

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