Warner Music gets social with uplayme.com

Following Atlantic’s introduction of its socially-connected Fanbase application this week, Warner Music has invested in its own music and social networking start-up, uplayme.com.

In a related move, Dan Pelson left his post as Senior VP of Global Consumer Marketing at Warner Music to become CEO of uPlayMe. The smaller company introduced its new recommendation tools for sharing music and video with others this week.

“The music industry is entering a renaissance,” said Pelson. “Music lovers are congregating online, musicians are communicating online, sales are rising online and technology is moving quickly to deliver better services to consumers.”

A social network-cum-music-focused proposition, uPlayMe connects users with others who have similar tastes in music and video.

Users download the Adobe AIR-developed application to play music or watch video on their computer. The app recognises music and videos from a media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player) or browser-based content sources with Internet Explorer and Firefox (YouTube, Hulu, Last.FM, Pandora, Metacafe, CBS Streaming Radio).

In future the software will also inform users about local concerts of those bands they are listening to and offer band-related trivia with small pop-ups.

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