Walt Mossberg, Moby, talk Apple and music

If you’re based in New York and want a good hard glimpse at Apple, digital music and the evolution of the music industry, then you’d best not miss a special event featuring WSJ tech journalist, Walt Mossberg and hit-maker musician and intellectual talent, Moby.

They’ll discuss the ways technology has changed how music is created and how fans acquire and discover music.

Plugging the show on WNYC public radio today the two agreed: “We’re going to have a conversation about technology and music from both the point of view of creators and consumers.”

They then engaged in an interesting conversation concerning music and the future of the music industry, a conversation which we have right here – give it a listen.

Both men think the music industry as it is is dying, with Moby warning, “If you get into music to get rich in 2009, you’re on the wrong path”.

Mossberg affirms: “iTunes has been a tremendous success,” adding, “that’s big, there’s billions of songs being purchased from there, but there still is piracy – but the thing is the model, there’s lots of things about the model of music which digital has made impossible.”

Moby, “I think record companies will be forced to reinvent themselves more as music companies. For a long time it was very compartmentalised. Labels must reinvent themselves as one-stop shops for (everything from music sales to merchandise).”

Moby of course recently launched Moby Gratis, which allows filmakers to use his music for free. “I never expected to make a living in music, but I’m always flattered when people choose to listen to my music.”

He notes that the online site also makes it easier for his friends who make films to license his music. “There’s a lot of experimental music on that site,” he adds.

“A lot of the problems the industry are facing are problems they bought onto themselves…for example, in the ‘90’s it got less and less expensive to make and distribute music, but they kept driving the cost of music up,” notes Moby.

Moby’s latest album ‘Wait For Me’, is available now

Event: Moby and Walter Mossberg will be in conversation
Monday, August 10th, at 7:30 pm
Lincoln Center’s Rose Building
165 West 65th Street, 10th Floor
Ticket price: $25
More information and tickets here.

Listen to the two men talk here:

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