Virtual Deck – is this app essential for iDJs?

This could be so useful for digital DJs – software that lets you carry (and play) your own selected song samples using an iPhone or an iPod touch – samples you can then feed into your main rig when DJing a session.

This interesting software was made available through the App Store today, and it’s called (appropriately enough) Virtual Deck.

We’ll let the developers explain what it does:

“Have you ever wished, as a DJ, that you didn’t need to take your heavy record bag with you on tour? Or wanted to play that great record, but it’s not available on vinyl? Maybe you want to mix your own music, or some samples you cut. But that means making an expensive dub plate and on top of that, dub plates don’t last very long.

“If you agree, VirtualDeck is for you! VirtualDeck turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a turntable, allowing you to mix your digital music just as easily as your vinyl counterparts. In short, it’s a DJ aid.

There’s a couple of videos showing how it works available and the software even lets you use Ogg Vorbis source tracks and play them back through your rig.

We think this could be a killer app for iPhone-wielding DJs, and we’d be interested in just how effective this solution is to them – so do let us know.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Deck – is this app essential for iDJs?

  1. Bart

    just bought it!

    works ok, i hope they will continue with this app, has serious potential, so looking forward to improvements, already super cool app.

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