2 thoughts on “Video: Watch the iPad used as a skateboard

  1. Joe

    I’m getting really tired of this nonsense. One site puts an iPad through a blender. Another one shows a couple of juvenile delinquents smashing an iPad with baseball bats. Another one throws in iPad (64 GB 3G, no less) into a microwave – and calls it art. Now we’re using them as skateboards.

    If you have so much money that you don’t mind buying a $500 to $830 device for the sole purpose of destroying it, maybe you should consider donating your excess cash and time to charity.

  2. Aaron Yelton

    What a waste of money and time. If the iPad were really as useless as these types of people seem to think, I highly doubt that Apple would have sold over 1 million of them in the first month they were available for purchase.

    Just as groups of similar people disliked the original iMac and iPhone. Time will very likely prove how wrong they are.

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