Video: iPad App Store And Shipping Delays

Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.

Apple has confirmed it is out of initial stocks of iPads and US customers pre-ordering them will have to wait. And in other news, we have a video of the iPad App Store and a selection of screengrabs of sundry iPad apps.

Apple’s iPad tablet computer will hit the US shelves on Saturday, but reports are claiming Best Buy, which will stock the device, will only have 15 units in each store.

The company began taking preorders for the iPad on March 12, promising to get the device to eager US buyers by its store launch date of April 3. Customers who placed pre-orders by March 27 will receive the device by that date, but new pre-orders won’t now be shipped out until April 12.

The video above was provided by MacStories. It shows the iPad Store being used with various apps, including offerings like Twitterrific, OmniGraffle and OmniGraph Sketcher and Real Racing.

Finally, shoot across to The Boy Genius Report for a plethora of Apple iPad application screenshots, including some of the iTunes Store for the iPad.

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