Video games make children stupid, research claims

So here’s the story. It seems young boys between 6 and 9 who spend too much time on their games consoles are less educated and less capable of reading and writing than kids the same age who aren’t tied to their Xbox, PlayStation or Wii.

Researchers at Denison University in Ohio are making the claim on the basis of a controlled trial they ran. And while the researchers concede it isn’t the playing of games that equate to the stupid potion, they do point out that its the amount of time kids spend on games that does the damage.

“There’s nothing evil about video games per se,” said study researcher Robert Weis, a psychologist. “It’s just that we need to monitor kids’ usage of these games and to urge moderation in the amount that kids play these games.”

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  1. bernu rota?u laukumi

    Positive, I enjoyed it! It made me visualize great fun that I had last week during our trip to Estonia, when visiting Lappset playground with my daughters and jumping running all around those nice play towers , one of my brightest weekend memories…

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