US iPad Sales Will Exceed 7 Million In 2010

You can expect at least seven million iPad sales in the US by the end of this year, say analysts at ORC – and one third of those buying will be replacing a Windows PC, read on…

They observe that 71 percent of US consumers are already aware of the product, and estimate one million initial sales of the product. Current analyst estimates conjecture five million iPad sales this year (it will vastly exceed that).

“Adoption of new technologies is often a slow and gradual process,” said Kevin Wood, Vice President and Senior Analyst with ORC’s technology practice.

“It wasn’t that long ago when the Blackberry smartphone was only used by executives and road warriors. Adoption of the iPad will likely increase when consumers begin to grasp the extent to which the new technology will integrate with and enhance the way they work and play.”

35 percent of consumers plan an iPad purchase to replace an old Windows PC.

Just as the iPhone aided Apple in winning new Macintosh users, the initial data surrounding the release of the iPad suggests that the introduction of a fresh technology will once again create a new equilibrium in Apple vs. Windows users,” Wood said.

“When it comes to capturing the hearts and minds of prospective customers, the creation of innovative and exciting personal computing options may prove more successful in the long run than improvements to features and functionality.”

Up above is a rather tasty drawing app recently pointed out by that Seth fellow at 9to5Mac.

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