US digital album sales up 34%, misery continues

Music sales continues their steep decline in the US, with the latest Nielsen SoundScan figures revealing an 11 per cent drop in album sales since mid-2007.
Overall, physical and digital album sales achieved 204.6 million units in the 26 weeks twixt December 31 and June 29, the music industry analysis firm reports in its mid-term figures.
The digital side of the story looks good. Here we see continued growth with digital album sales up 34 per cent to 31.6 million units, or around 15.5 per cent of album sales. Digital track sales grew 30 per cent, 532.7 million have been sold to date, compared to the 417.3 million sold in the six months ending July 1, 2007.
Physically, music sales seem a mess – sure, the 11 per cent decline in sales isn’t as bad as the 15.1 per cent decline experiences in 2007, CD sales continue to shrink – down 16.3 per cent.
Major label market share is pretty much the same:
Universal Music Group: 31.2%;
Sony BMG: 25%;
Warner Music Group: 20.9%;
EMI: 9.1%;
Indies: 13.9%

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