UK goes online as teens ready to pay for content

Two recently published studies show slight change in attitudes to paying for content online.

In the first study, the European Commission found that around two-thirds of consumers aged 16-24-year-olds are willing to pay for content online. 10 per cent of this demographic have already begun paying for such content, making this the most active online group and the group most likely to pay for what they want.

In a second Ofcom report looking at the UK market, it was found that UK residents are more willing to cut down on holidays and eating out rather than cutting back on TV and boradband subscriptions.

The report also claims 19 million people in the UK, 50% of internet users, visit Facebook, spending an average of six hours a month on the site, it says.

Peter Phillips, Ofcom Partner, Strategy & Market Developments said: “Despite the recession, people are spending more time watching TV, using their mobile phone or accessing the internet. They would rather do without meals out or holidays than give up their phone, broadband or pay TV package. 

“Meanwhile, we are becoming more canny about the way we pay for these services.  Almost half of us economise by taking a bundle of communications services from a single supplier, while one fifth opt for cheaper mobile contracts which don’t include an expensive new phone.

“As well as getting better deals we are demanding more control. Over 25 per cent of households now use a digital TV recorder to watch programmes at a time that suits us, and 23 per cent use online catch up services like the BBC iPlayer. One in eight households has a mobile broadband connection allowing them to use the internet on the move.”

Additional findings:

– In May 2009, consumers spent an average of 25 minutes a day online at home – up from nine minutes in 2004.

– Nearly a quarter of households, 23%, were watching catch-up TV online in 2008, compared with 17% in 2007.

– Broadband reached 68% of households by the end of the first quarter of 2009, up from 58% on the previous year.

– 50% of internet users use Facebook.

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