UK band shares ‘human synthesiser’ plan

Simian Mobile Disco will create the world’s first ever “Human Synthesiser” next week.

The band are marking the release of their new Temporary Pleasure album by creating the first ever-human augmented reality music and visuals mixer. 

The piece will be installed at the ‘Temporary Pleasure’ shop on Carnaby Street, London.  The shop will be open to the public from August 17-21 from 12 till 6pm. 
The installation is an interactive augmented reality experience, which means visitors to the shop will be able to interact with a brand new never-heard-before Simian Mobile Disco creation.  Essentially it should be an immersive mix of real-world and computer-generated images (virtual reality), making it look like virtual objects exist in the real world. 

The band explains, “this installation reflects the concepts behind the record – it’s brief, fun, and how could we resist the chance to augment the reality of the general public? We think people are going to really love the technology. The artificial reality technology is amazing and we think people are going to love it”
The installation is designed by Kate Moross and produced by London based company Inition with their Magic Symbol technology. 

The album ships on August 17 in the UK, and early September in the US.

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