Twitter’s Most Followed Unsigned Artist plays Twitter HQ showcase

Some interest here at news that London-based rocker Noush Skaugen is to perform live at Twitter’s San Fran HQ tomorrow (Friday).

Noush Skaugen has the distinction of being Twitter’s number one unsigned artist with 1.2 million followers (Stephen Fry has 1.3 million followers).

Skaugen’s performance will streamed live at at 5.30pm PST which is 1.30am GMT – the first unsigned act to be given this opportunity.

Described by Maxim as “One of Britain’s upcoming gems”, the classically trained London rocker has made strategic use of social media, through such things as crowd-sourcing poster designs from fans, and tweeting pictures of last-minute changes to hand-written set lists seconds before going on stage.

Noush’s Twitter gig kicks off a series of dates prior to the May release of her new single Run Baby Run. She has already won acclaim as Alternative Pop Artist of the Year at the 17th Annual LA Music Awards, and National Independent Rock EP of the Year at The Hollywood Music Awards.

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