TV Station Buys iPads For News Anchor Scripts

Apple’s iPad has broken into yet another niche market – TV news, where Fox affiilate, WFXL. has purchased six of the tablets to replace the paper scripts used by their news anchors.

“By using the iPad, we’re saving hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper annually,” says News Director Terry Graham, who also anchors the news at 6:30 and 10 p.m. at the Fox affiliate. “Our projected savings per month are $800, or about $9,600 per year.”

The savings more than cover the $499 per iPad costs.

Graham says he’ll probably be purchasing more iPads, and once the savings are confirmed he’ll encourage other stations to get them.

“We want to enhance the way our journalists gather information; utilize instant messaging to connect producers and reporters; and engage viewers through social media,” he says.

Hunt also expects to see “a whole new level of applications developed specifically for the iPad,” which will make its value to journalists “more robust and capable of the intelligent things we need it to do.”

11 thoughts on “TV Station Buys iPads For News Anchor Scripts

  1. rockaway

    Leave your anti-Fox hate at home. This is a story about technology, not politics.

  2. John Dingler

    Of course I can respond to the issue of “intelligence.” Hunt provides no proof in this article that he or Fox can do things intelligently which goes to the heart of fair and balanced; One has to be intelligent to be so. That it is not means that neither Hunt nor Fox are intelligent.

    How is that an expression of hate; It’s mere logic. Logic is neutral.

  3. carl

    Thats amazing, I cant wait for your next post, some very interesting comments, Keep up the Great Blog

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