TuneWiki: Social lyric and karaoke service for iPhone

TuneWiki has introduced a karaoke-like lyric and music syncing app for jailbroken iPhones, iLyricPlayer. The software syncs and scrolls user-generated and edited lyrics in real-time in multiple applications, and also offers some powerful location-based community features. This works by showing user locations on a Google Map, with dots to show other TuneWiki users in an area – and one click’s all it takes for a user to listen in to the YouTube tracks of others in the region. It’s no data harvester though – no additional information about located users is shared, other than location and the song that user’s listening to. There’s already TuneWiki users in 208 countries, apparently, and the developers have already built a beta version of the application for use on Google’s Android mobile platform. Oh, and don’t forget the lyrics, which let users sing along to their favourite tracks and lets them access songs just by browsing a map.
The company’s no fly by night, with VentureBeat reporting its CEO is Amnon Sarig, who served with chairman and co-founder Rani Cohen in the Israeli Air Force, and is also CEO of mSoft inc. Cohen is a former investment banker with Credit Suisse and currently also chairman and CEO of Magnolia Capital in Israel.

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