Trying to batter intelligence into the head of a moronic climate change denier? There’s an App for that

Skeptical Science has introduced its really rather useful iPhone app which offers you the counter-argument for all the strange statements skeptics make.

It helps you find out what the peer reviewed science has to say about global warming. The navigation by skeptical argument allows you to take a statement and find out for yourself whether it is based on credible science or not.

Skeptical Science allows you to:
– learn more about the science of global warming
– respond to statements by skeptics with hard science

Skeptical Science also allows you to report when you have heard a particular skeptical argument. Your information is used to keep track of what arguments are ‘flaring up’ all across the world.

This application works offline, and regularly synchronises information from

The app is available at the App Store today – and it’s free!!

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