Transformers leap to iPhone as comic publishers prep iPad attacks

More from the wonderful world of comic publishing on the iPhone and in future, iPad, with Titan Publishing’s introduction of the first issue of its official Transformer’s comic for the iPhone.

Now, we’ve been speaking to comics industry insiders in recent months and we know that this latest title is the thin end of a very big wedge….

We’re expecting a veritable explosion of such content once the iPad debuts next month – and we’re aware comic publishers and writers are hopeful the medium will marry tightly with the new technology.

The new Titan Publishing Transformers app is available now for free as a “taster for the upcoming series of apps” reports ever hard-working Stuart Dredge at Mobile Entertainment.

The first Transformers issue includes a story written by Simon Furman with artwork from Geoff Senior – names that will be familiar to Transformers buffs. “It’s a simply incredible chance for fans of the warring ‘Robots in Disguise’ to experience incredible stories that expand upon and underpin the incredible movie universe,” says Furman.

These titles are available on the UK and Ireland iTunes Stores at this time – but expect a wave of US titles on the US stores in the weeks ahead.

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