Tip Of The Day: Amazon Filler Item Finder

We subscribe to Netted because its a fantastic daily guide to what’s new and amazing online, and we felt compelled to let you know about this morning’s tip from the Distorted Loop-recommended newsletter.

We like shopping at Amazon. We keep a constant eye on deals like this $30 off the cost of a 32GB iPod touch. But there’s smaller deals – go visit the site and find some, but before you do, take a look at this incredibly useful new service, Amazon Filler Item Finder.

“Certain items at Amazon.co.uk qualify for free package and posting, but sometimes purchase fall short of the minimum price needed.”

There’s nothing more annoying than being $1.29 short and buying a $15 DVD out of frustration to round out your order.

The Filler Item service lets you find every item Amazon sells by price. Just key in how much short of the minimum free shipping threshold you are, hit the box and you’ll be served up a list of products matching that price. So you can pick something you want without being steamrollered into wasting money on postage.

We’re impressed. Now test the service out…

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