The Streets say, ‘Everything Is Borrowed’

Hugely popular UK act, The Streets, recently made a digital play, offering their track, ‘The Escapist’, as a free download as the band prepare to release their next album.

Six years ago The Streets’ Mercury Prize-nominated debut album ‘Original Pirate Material’ established Mike Skinner’s MC cred. He followed this up with ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ in 2004, selling three million copies. And 2006 saw the release of ‘The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’.

Flash forward to today, and Skinner’s warning to the public comes in the form of a free music download, borrowed from the forthcoming ‘Everything Is Borrowed’ album, slated to ship in September.

Aside from the single, which you can grab to wrap your ears around right here, there’s also a Ted Mayhem video, which shows Skinner take a walk across France. Which is here to see, by the way:

Why the vid? Skinner says: ‘During a great period of intense mixing we decided that it might be nice to shoot a video. it was under the radar of the label and done totally for us by us on a shoe string. It was totally different from any other promo that I’ve made in that it was something real that we just filmed rather than trying to create something real looking using lots of people and lots of angles. I feel like it’s more than a video in that sense.’

There’s a UK tour too – head over to the band’s MySpace space.

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