Michael Eisner asks: which CEO embodies innovation

Just a few months ago Michael Friedenberg, CEO of CXO Media asked what three qualities best describes a CIO. And, just a few weeks ago former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner, asked the perfect follow-up question:

which CEO and/or company most successfully, consistently and thoroughly embodies innovation to maximize business results?

Almost 800 professionals answered the question. While a few answers predicted the demise of the “Star-CEO” role, the majority cited examples of CEOs such as Steve Jobs or companies like Southwest Airlines and Google.

Here’s a sampling:

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2 thoughts on “Michael Eisner asks: which CEO embodies innovation

  1. AN

    A fair bit of irony here that many anwser Steve Jobs – considering the history between the two of them. Really, who else did Eisner think would top the list for a loaded question such as that?

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