The eight rules of iPhone development

Research firm Create With Context’s principal researcher Bill Westerman has published an interesting account of how iPhone users learn to use their device, data which suggests the following rules for iPhone development.

1/ Take advantage of learned behaviors
“Oh, this works just like the calendar”

2/ Avoid interaction inconsistencies
“This is weird, cancel is usually over there”

3/ Provide clear conceptual link across widgets
“This button must be related to that box, they’re next to each other”

4/ Put space between action widgets
“Oh man, I didn’t mean to send that SMS!”

5/ Plan for accidental overswiping
“I keep accidentally changing to a different screen”

6/ Don’t rely exclusively on multi-touch
“It’s hard to do this while I’m holding something in the other hand”

7/ Provide visual feedback for taps
“Did I hit that button? I’m not sure.”

8/ Provide interaction affordances
“It’s obvious that you’re supposed to swipe left-and-right.”

Many thanks to Daring Fireball.

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