Tapulous gets social, new songs for 2009

Tapulous has been big news recently, with last week’s release of two fresh titles in the Tap Tap family and continued music industry interest in harnessing the power of the iPhone to connect artists with fans, and company CEO Bart Decrem holds even bigger plans for 2009.

Next year the company will upgrade the free version of its application, Tap Tap Revenge. The new game will offer support for upgrade packs, selling music to gamers from independent and major labels. The company hopes to release a new upgrade pack each month subsequent to the release of version two.

Addicted players may also be interested to learn that the company has some plans to introduce another game to mar the Christmas season, with the CEO telling the LA Times only this would feature, “a big band with a crazy following.”

Decrem also confirmed he’s in talks with labels to tie future Tap Tap versions to album release schedules, and also underlined the emerging importance of social networking features in future versions of the game.

“To me, there’s sort of three parts to this,” he said, “great music, great gaming experience and then the social part. And the third part, I think we’re going to spend a lot more time on as we go into 2009.”

These plans are working, he explained, “a few weeks ago, we featured Katy Perry ‘Hot N Cold’ — 200,000 downloads in one week, that song in the game. A million game plays over the weekend. Every weekend we do a tournament, a million game plays,” he said.

Labels are excited at the convergence of music and gaming – just take a look at the 28 million song downloads generated by Harmonix’ Rock Band for the reason why. Gamers will acquire tracks from their favourite artists to use in a gaming environment.

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