TalkTalk switches 1,500 staff from PCs to Mac

TalkTalk is dumping Windows to make the switch to Apple Mac, revealing it intends giving MacBooks to its 1,500 UK staff as it demerges from Computer Warehouse.

The company told The Times it is currently testing MacBooks with 150 staff members at its London head office. Once the trial succeeds, TalkTalk will introduce MacBooks across its entire UK workforce this year.

The move reflects Apple’s continued success in the consumer markets. As Macs become commonplace in the home, tech-savvy users are pushing for their deployment in the office.

Ranjit Atwal, an analyst at market intelligence firm Gartner, told The Times: “Users are bringing their own computers and phones into the corporate environment. It’s the consumerisation of IT.”

For example, Axel Springer, the German media company, is committed to upgrading 12,000 computers to Apple’s products while Cisco, the internet infrastructure group, allows its users to choose a Mac or a PC.

The news comes as a recent survey claims Macs are cheaper to maintain and run within enterprise departments.

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