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Microsoft Zune seeks original content

Microsoft’s will push money at Hollywood to give Zune some edge on the iPod.

Microsoft execs have reportedly met with talent agencies and production companies recently. The quest? To grab exclusive licenses to original shows for the device.

“What we would be looking to do with any form of original content is the added component that Zune could provide that iTunes or any competing service couldn’t,” said Richard Winn, director of entertainment development at Zune.
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Microsoft, Nokia hatch Zune phone plan

Microsoft may be working with Nokia to cook up a Zune phone to take on the iPhone, sources claim.

As reported by Electric Pig, Zunescene is claiming that Nokia will be building the hardware for the new Zune phone, with Microsoft’s support, the two partners will be making a “all out assault” on Apple, the report explains.

It appears Nokia is currently working with Microsoft on the integration of Zune Marketplace content, however, Nokia has its own music store in the form of the Nokia Music Store. Will Zune Marketplace be subsumed into the new service.

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No anti-iPhone Zune phone says Gartenberg

Microsoft is unlikely to introduce a Zune phone to compete with the iPhone, Jupiter Research analyst, Michael Gartenberg tells us.

Writing in his online blog, the analyst says Microsoft won’t take te fight to Apple in this way because the “business model of Windows Mobile is totally different than Zune.”

The analyst argues that while Zune deployed technologies Mi crosoft shared with others, those involved in creating music players weren’t achieving a market presence. Not so Windows Mobile, he says.
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Zune’s biggest fan rejects Microsoft

Microsoft’s Zune has lost its biggest fan, Steven Smith.
Smith was the man who last year declared himself so nuts for the Zune he went along and got three Zune-themed tattoos….now he says he wants to get rid of them and doesn’t want to be part of the Zune “community” any more. The news there, of course, is that there’s a Zune community in the first place. Still, with the product only available in the USA, perhaps there’s small semi-religious outposts of Zune worshippers, engaged in ritual iPod sacrifices, or something.
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