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iPhone Sales Will Hit 500k In Korea This Week As Google Search Grip Slows

In a sign of what’s to come as regulators tighten their grip on the search and browser markets, Apple in Korea has been asked to allow Koreans to use their own choice of search engine on the iPhone.

At present, Google is the default search engine on the iPhone, as it is on most Android-based phones. Apple does also offer Yahoo search as an option within the Safari Settings menu on the iPhone. There has also been recent talk of a move to offer Microsoft’s Bing search engine, perhaps as the default engine as the battle between Apple and Google grows.

Korean telecoms regulators want this choice of search engine extended, with the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), looking into whether the practice restrict consumer choice. Continue reading

Future chance, future challenge for the Apple TV

Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV has a chance at becoming a ubiquitous household item, though the company may need to add support for non-Apple media services and implement many new features if it seriously intends making an iPod-level impact on this important growing market.

The reason Apple has the chance is visible in the growing momentum behind development of solutions to bring online video to the front room – a sector becoming quickly more intense.

Online video on-demand services such as iTunes or Hulu are hot properties, meaning many more devices – including TVs offering features similar to the Apple TV – should begin to reach market en masse starting next year. And even if Apple does not develop such solutions there will still be winners and losers in the race to offer the ‘iPod’ equivalent of the multimedia for the front room box.

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Yahoo to offer full-track music previews

Yahoo! has reached a deal with Real’s Rhapsody service under which full track previews will be made available within search results for US users.

The new feature is available now, and means users who search for an artist with available content on Yahoo! will be able to click play right in the Yahoo! shortcut at the top of the search results and instantly stream full-length songs by that artist through the FoxyTunes Player, which is powered by Rhapsody.

The launch is part of the two company’s planned expansion of the Rhapsody service across Yahoo! – and is part of Yahoo!’s strategy to open its sites to feature content and services from across the Web. Continue reading

Yahoo will open music site to others

Yahoo plans to open its online music site to feature information about songs and artists from outside services such as Apple Inc iTunes or Amazon.com, an executive said on Thursday.

“We are going to completely open up Yahoo Music in the next few weeks,” Scott Moore, the executive in charge of Yahoo’s media businesses, told reporters at a briefing at the company’s Sunnyvale, California, headquarters.”

More from the horse’s mouth just here…company also plans to open up in other areas, including in Yahoo News.

Apple iTunes sales fall over 5%

Digital media sales racked up their slowest quarter in quite some time in the second quadrant of this year, with iTunes sales down 7 per cent, Strategy Analytics claims.

The latest report from the research team reveals revenue growth for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple (in its music related products and services, aka iTunes, category), and AOL saw an overall 0.8 per cent slowdown quarter on quarter, down from 3.3 per cent in the previous quarter and 3.4 per cent in the same period last year, Rafat Ali writes. Google was the only one of the five to see improved revenues.
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Yahoo promises to reimburse music fans

Yahoo closed the week promising to reimburse customers who bought music from Yahoo Music that can no longer be easily played as a result of the company shutting down its online music store.

The move means Yahoo’s digital rights management servers willbe taken down, meaning customers could lose their music. It now appears Yahoo won’t abandon its customers, Yahoo Music spokesperson, Carrie Davis, told Information Week.
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Yahoo abandons music lovers

Yahoo has revealed plans to close the Yahoo! Music Store – and in an echo of the nightmare of DRM when online providers fail, has told customers it plans to stop supporting their legally-acquired music.

Essentially, the company will switch-off the authorisation servers, meaning users attempting to transfer their music collections to other computers will be sunk. They may as well have invested in 8-Track.

We’ve always been greatly concerned that DRM, far from protecting musicians, actually punishes consumers. The biggest question any music lover should ask when buying music online is “what happens when the service shuts down?”
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