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Apple iTunes faces battle in Japan

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ may already have generated its first fan-site, but questions remain on the future for mobile music services – surely the usability factor doesn’t yet match desktop alternatives, such as iTunes?

Apple does offer the iTunes Store for WiFi, and has before been rumoured to hold plans for its very own mobile music service, though this may prove less successful if aimed at iPhone users alone. As an incremental addition, iTunes for WiFi offers something like a mobile experience.

That no one beyond Nokia appears yet to be aiming to offer a full package (hot potato) mobile music service, incumbents must surely be mulling the latest figures to come out of Japan.

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EMI top brass praise ‘great’ iTunes Plus…

EMI’s senior executives provided a full and frank interview with Billboard today – an essential read for anyone in the business of music, the interview looks across the label’s revivified strategy and explores its new formation into three separate business units.

We like what they’re saying, to be blunt. The label seems prepared to make the transition away from music retail and toward relationship management, working to bring fans and bands closer together, which is exactly what most people have been saying all the labels should do.

We think EMI’s extensive recent root and branch reorganisation means it’s closer than most to achieving that dream.

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iTunes goes global

Blink and you’ll have missed it – just like everybody in the world media, or so it appears – but Apple quietly went global with the iTunes Store today. Go to the bottom of the iTunes browser to where the country is listed, touch the drop-down menu and it’s there – supporting the release of the iPhone, Apple today opened up iTunes for business in many, many more countries.
Now, it’s true that many of the countries iTunes offering is no more than a link to the App Store, but we’re pretty convinced there’ll be something more to follow. Certainly, now the company has store-fronts in these destinations, someone in the iTunes team must be looking to reach distribution agreements for music and other content in these places, now Apple’s put its flag in the sand…
The store is now available in 62 countries..