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Apple TV infringes wireless patents, lawsuit claims

Apple has been struck by yet another lawsuit impacting its digital media strategy – this time it stands accused of patent infringement in its wireless entertainment systems, Apple TV, AirPort Express and the Mac.

EZ4Media says Apple’s toys infringe on patents it acquired from Universal Electronics (UEI) in March. Further, it claims Apple hired three former UEI employees, Nick Kalayjian, Bruce Edwards, and Wendy Goh, about a year before it introduced Apple TV.

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AT&T exec on the future of the iPhone – video

“Before the iPhone wakes you up in the morning with its alarm clock, De la Vega says, “it will have already loaded all of your daily news feeds onto the phone. It will also have already sent a wireless message to your coffee maker to get the coffee ready.”

Ralph de la Vega (AT&T Mobility & Consumer Markets) attracted huge attention with his vision of the future of the iPhone as at the centre of the future digital lifestyle. We thought you may want to see/hear/decide what you think of these claims all by yourself – so check from around 07.58 in this video.

iPod nano upgrade looms

Apple plans a late summer refresh of its iPod range, with news emerging from the Far East claiming new colours, higher storage and more features will be introduced in the device.

9 to 5 Mac (a website which correctly predicted last year’s range) states that the new colour of iPod nano will in fact be lots of colours, promising: “First up is the Nano which will appear in multiple colours…not multiple colour versions but each one will have a plethora of colours.”

The report also explains the next-generation iPod nano will offer double the present level of storage (so up to 16GB), and informs “new features will be added”.
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Electric dreams

A new gadget lets you stream music and video using your home’s existing electricity circuit. devolo has introduced its dLAN 200 AVeasy, a HomePlug AV adaptor which can support two high-definition video streams simultaneously and features an easy password encryption button to ensure maximum levels of data security for home network users.
The size of a power plug, the solution plugs into your mains and lets you stream most multimedia entertainment, including  HDTV, home theatre audio and Voice over IP, with data transfer speeds of up to 200Mbps. The adaptor also gives users a high-speed broadband network connection at every power point in the house.
The dLAN 200 AVeasy Starter Kit consists of two adaptors and has a recommended retail price of £119.99.