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Wippit founder in iPhone and Facebook move

Bappz has introduced a brand new Facebook application built for Mothercare’s social networking site for parents Gurgle.com, ‘Name My Baby’.
“If you’re having a baby and are still uncertain of what name to choose, ‘Name My Baby’ provides a 20,000 name database to help you though the maze of choices,” the developers explain.

It’s not simply a reference service – you can enable an option for your Facebook friends to vote on their favourite names of those you are trying to decide between, and to make suggestions of their own. Continue reading

UK digital media service Wippit shuts shop

After eight years, innovative UK-based online music service Wippit ceased trading today.

Speaking exclusively to Distorted Loop, the company explained: “Wippit has closed. After eight years of pushing the digital boundaries, Wippit can no longer compete in the current market climate. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the years and apologies to those that will miss us.”
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Stereo MCs get connected

UK online music and media download service, Wippit, is giving away a Stereo MCs video album in association with the Daily Star for free. The video is a live concert recording, exclusive to Wippit which contains four tracks from the forthcoming album, previously named as ‘Double Bubble’, available later this month.
The move follows the band’s decision to give away a free live album ‘Live In Europe 08’, to fans attending a London live performance last month.
Their most recent album, Paradise, was released in 2005. ‘Elevate My Mind’ by the Stereos was the first British hip hop single to reach the U.S. R&B chart. They’re also known for 1992’s breakthrough ‘Connected’. Continue reading