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O2 iPhone Users Get Free Access To The Cloud…

O2 has announced that starting this summer, all its mobile subscribers will get free access to 22,000 European WiFi hotspots operated by The Cloud.

The Cloud is offering access to O2 subscribers via a free app now available at the App Store called FastConnect. This is designed to simplify your connection to The Cloud, storing your logon details so that connection is automatic, and surfing is free. Continue reading

Holy Customizable iPad Decals, Where’s My WiFi?

Seems the iPad may suffer from some WiFi problems in use and here’s Apple’s tech support note and discussions document to help you, but who cares about reliabilty and pre-release testing of Apple’s most important product yet – you got iPad!! Now take a look at this tasty selection of hot iPad decals to help customize your new Apple device (while you wait for it to work). Continue reading

War chalking with iPhone? There’s no Apps for that…

Apple has ceded a second content category to Google’s Android developers even while the contest between the two firms becomes more intense.

Today’s slice of weird news from the App Store disapprovals team is that Apple is pulling WiFi stumbling apps from the store – you know, the Apps which find and name locally operational open and closed wireless networks.

“We received a very unfortunate email today from Apple stating that WiFi-Where has been removed from sale on the App Store for using private frameworks to access wireless information,” the developer of WiFi-Where says.

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Apple TV infringes wireless patents, lawsuit claims

Apple has been struck by yet another lawsuit impacting its digital media strategy – this time it stands accused of patent infringement in its wireless entertainment systems, Apple TV, AirPort Express and the Mac.

EZ4Media says Apple’s toys infringe on patents it acquired from Universal Electronics (UEI) in March. Further, it claims Apple hired three former UEI employees, Nick Kalayjian, Bruce Edwards, and Wendy Goh, about a year before it introduced Apple TV.

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LiveStation demos live streamed TV for iPhone

iPlayer’s nice and you can purchase TV shows from iTunes, but what about live TV? Mobile TV on iPhone may one day move from promise to reality, with news now from LiveStation who are developing a solution to let you watch TV news from numerous providers using the Apple mobile. Here’s a demo led by company CEO, Matteo Berlucci.

Apple iTunes faces battle in Japan

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ may already have generated its first fan-site, but questions remain on the future for mobile music services – surely the usability factor doesn’t yet match desktop alternatives, such as iTunes?

Apple does offer the iTunes Store for WiFi, and has before been rumoured to hold plans for its very own mobile music service, though this may prove less successful if aimed at iPhone users alone. As an incremental addition, iTunes for WiFi offers something like a mobile experience.

That no one beyond Nokia appears yet to be aiming to offer a full package (hot potato) mobile music service, incumbents must surely be mulling the latest figures to come out of Japan.

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iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge goes multiplayer

We thought there would be some interest in news that iPhone application Tap Tap Revenge’s latest update (shipped last night) now offers multiplayer support.

Developer Tapulous has introduced online multiplayer gaming support over WiFi or 3G, so now players can take on their mates.

In related news, a TechCrunch report claims the developers have sold “tens of thousands” of copies of the Trent Reznor-supported Nine Inch Nails version of the game and revealed that they have achieved three million users across all their applications.

You can pick up the updated version of the hugely popular music game here.

iPhone spawns new musical essential…

We’re not all about iPhone applications here, promise – they’re just becoming ever more interesting, we think, but this one’s been attracting so much attention, Four Track for iPhone – a multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch.

FourTrack is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players and other musicians who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on their iPhone. “Plug in a microphone, arm a track, record, and repeat,” the developers say.

The app works with the iPhone built-in microphone, a headset mic, or an iPod touch with a third-party mic and headphones. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be downloaded to any desktop computer with a browser. Tracks can then be loaded into any recording software (DAW) to continue working on songs.

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Microsoft slight upgrade for Zune

On the eve of Apple’s event tonight, Microsoft announced its all-new range of (US-only) Zune players, equipping these with the capacity to tag songs and buy music directly from FM radio built-into the player.

Also from September 16, Zune will offer WiFi access to the Zune Marketplace for song purchases and subscriptions. Zune is also expanding its device lineup with new 16GB and 120GB capacities as well as shiny new blue-on-silver and sleek all-black colour schemes.
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