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The most out-there iPhone products ever?

This is surely an iPhone/iPod product that’s so insane it’s almost sane – we’re both compelled and repelled by these new winter warmers.

Etre has introduced gloves for use with touch-screen devices, and they’re not finger-less, oh no – if you look at the image you’ll see they have two fingers (thumb and index), so you can keep the rest of your digits warm while tapping your digital device.

You got to give them a point for entrepreneurial zeal, I guess, “Etre Touchy gloves seek to fill the gap left between normal pairs of gloves and fingerless pairs of gloves. While normal pairs of gloves keep your hands warm and dry, they aren’t compatible with modern touch-screen devices, which only respond to skin-on-screen contact.”

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Apple’s Steve Jobs summoned to EU online summit

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, eBay CEO John Donahue, Which? director Peter Vicar and other leading tech industry folks will be flying into Europe to attend a private EU conference on online sales of music and consumer goods.

Led by consumer champions such as Peter Vicar, the summit will look at and review cross-border sales of music and other goods over the internet.

EU competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, says the meeting aims to resolve problems when purchasing products online from countries outside of your own – particularly in Europe, a federation of states whose citizens are meant to be able to freely shop around for the best available deal under free market regulation.
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