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Label mix: love, loathe Apple’s iTunes cocktail

Apple’s forthcoming iTunes 9 upgrade’s already being touted as the best thing since sliced bread, with reports promising support for Blu-ray, and built in capability to output the music you’re playing to iLike and Last.FM.

Apple’s also meant to be working on Cocktail, a new album format in which music fans don’t just get the music, but also gain access to video, images and all sorts of interactive elements; a radical reinvention of the album format, possibly within an App. But the record labels don’t want Apple to have all the fun, and are developing their own similar mixed musical drink, conceivably to offer this to other digital music operators.

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Warner Music boss praises Apple, iPhone, iTunes

warnermusic_logo_31Warner Music boss, Edgar Bronfman, says Apple’s iPhone is “substantially expanding” digital music markets on a global scale, acting to “raise the profile of music in the mobile world.”

“For example, iTunes was launched in Mexico earlier this week – the first new territory addition to the iTunes footprint in nearly three years,” Bronfman said, adding, “This launch is indicative of the opportunity Apple and its content partners have to follow the expansion of the iPhone into additional mobile-oriented countries.”

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iTunes goes DRM-free, 7digital responds


itunesIn the final Macworld Expo keynote Apple today introduced new computing and software products, and also confirmed long-standing claims that songs sold through iTunes from all four major labels are now to be made available DRM-free.

The company also announced that iTunes users can now download songs directly onto their iPhone 3G using their carrier’s 3G network.

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Warner threatens YouTube on music

“Warner Music Group has told YouTube, the video sharing site, to remove music videos by its artists from the site.

“Contract negotiations have ended because Warner wanted more money for having its music on YouTube.

“But the Warner channel was still available on YouTube on Monday and Warner is reportedly still keen to reach a settlement.”

BBC NEWS | Business | Warner threatens YouTube on music.

Sony, EMI get Musicane viral in anti-iTunes move

In an attempt to vault onto the viral nature of the online world, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI have announced plans to use the Musicane service to sell music online.

Musicane reached a deal with Universal Music in August this year, leaving Warner Music as the only major not to be taking a chance at this.

These plans will see music retail widgets provided by Musicane made available for use on artist websites and also on the websites of music fans. The deal will see fans take a 5 per cent slice of music sold through their sites.

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Tesco signs Sony, Warner to take on iTunes

Sony Pictures Television International and Warner Bros. have signed up as launch partners for UK supermarket Tesco’s plan to offer digital downloads of film and TV content through its own online service.

Hollywood Reporter claims titles on offer will include ‘Superman 3’, and ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ through the service.

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Warner Music changes its business model?

A report claims Warner Music has a new plan for its business – and it’s quite a practical viewpoint the company is reportedly adopting – it’s moving to become an international music marketing company.

To quote the Bangkok Post: “After struggling for several years, Warner Music Thailand has introduced a new business model to cope with the plummeting sales of its physical products, but the company describes the model as only the first step in finding a definitive response to its business challenges.

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Datz delivers unlimited legal music for £99.95

A new all-you-can-eat music service is offering subscribers the chance to download as much music as they like over the course of a year for just £100.

Datz, the online music download store and community website, today announced the launch of the Datz Music Lounge which lets you download as many tracks as you want over the course of a year for a one off cost of £99.99.

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