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Warning: huge dip in Xmas US PC/gadget sales

New research warns of a massive breakdown in consumer spending in the next 90-days, hinting Apple’s rumoured moves to cut production of iPhones and laptops and Dell’s decision to doom its return to the digital media device market may not be marks of lost market share, but simple common sense.

New research from ChangeWave, the ‘‘Consumer Spending Report’ and ‘Consumer PC Report‘, warns of the breakdown in US consumer spending and of a “dismal” 90-Day outlook in all consumer spending categories.

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Wal-Mart undercuts iTunes, Amazon on music prices

Walmart has re-launched its online music store, storming in with a US price cut on the music it sells – 74-cents will buy a track, well under the 99-cents per track offered by iTunes or Amazon.

Walmart has exclusively sold MP3s through its online store since February 2008 and now offers more than 3 million MP3s with content from all major labels. The enhanced MP3 online store is supported by multiple elements in Walmart stores, including a free MP3 download with every CD purchased in stores or online.

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Wal-Mart offers music customers handy relief

Giant US retailer Wal-Mart has given previous online music customers some kind of reprieve with a partial capitulation on previously-stated plans to close its DRM server for music purchases, meaning previous customers won’t lose their music.

Naturally, though, it’s only a partial capitulation, and fails to address the central issues of such DRM authorisation denial.

“Based on feedback from our customers, we have decided to maintain our digital rights management (DRM) servers for the present time,” an email from the company reads.

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WalMart slaps legitimate music fans

Legitimate music consumers are once again at the receiving end of the bad half of the deal on news that giant US retailer, Wal-Mart, plans to close its DRM-server on October 9, meaning previous purchasers of music through its previous music service will lose their collections.

This move follows similar steps by Microsoft and Yahoo this year. All three companies elected to end support for the DRM keys required to transfer music between computers, which need to be authorised in order to play the tracks. Lack of a DRM server means this authorisation doesn’t take place, effectively depriving music buyers of access to their collections.

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iTunes holds US music retail lead

iTunes remains the leading US music retailer – exceeding former leader Wal-Mart once again, according to the latest figures from NPD MusicWatch.

New research reveals the top five music vendors for the first half of 2008 (January through June, based on purchases of CDs and a-la-carte digital music downloads) ranked as follows:
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