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Now Virgin Radio plans iTunes-killer?

Virgin Radio is attempting to secure major label support for its new subscription radio service.

Virgin Radio boss, Clive Dickens, is discussing a subscription music service that has more in common with the recently-announced Sky/Universal service than any a la carte or fixed price notion.

Dickens explains: “Our model is about looking at the technology available and working out the balance between DRM and DRM-free. What we’re suggesting is the monthly subscription can vary. If you’re going to pay £5 a month you would get a certain amount of subscription and, say, five tracks to keep a month and if you pay £10 you’d get a certain amount of subscription and 10 tracks to keep each month,” he told Music Week.

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iPhone swoons for Kiss 100 radio

Bauer Radio is now broadcasting Kiss 100 radio to iPhone users in the UK, allowing listeners to keep up with the channel using the iPhone web browser.

The Kiss 100 stream is prefixed with an audible ad slot, which the company hopes to sell to advertisers. A landing page has also been developed on the Kiss website, specially-crafted for the iPhone, this page is also expected to be populated by ads.

“You’ve braved the queues and you have your precious iPhone in your hand, and there is but one thing to do with it, tune into KISS,” the channel explains on the Kiss website. “Simply go to totalkiss.com on your iPhone and click on the banner to launch the streaming service. Oh, and please check your network contract terms and conditions first if you are thinking of listening outside of a WiFi network.”
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