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Radiohead did webcast final US gig

Radiohead did indeed last night webcast their final show of their US tour from Santa Barbara, confirming an earlier claim in BoingBoing is reporting.

The original report wasn’t definite, suggesting it heard the news through a tip-off from someone who has been following the band on the latest tour. Distorted Loop then checked with its ‘sources’, who suggested the report to be ‘probably’ true, though full confirmation wasn’t achieved – it’s believed at this stage the band had only limited bandwidth to offer the stream, so that’s why they kept it quiet.

The band’s website, Dead Air Space, had little to say on the matter before the event, beyond a somewhat unusual hint to Mac users that they should download software to enable them to watch video made available in Windows Media format, or download that stalwart multimedia app, VLC. Windows users are also urged to download VLC.
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