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Coming Soon: The 1TB MacBook Pro…

Toshiba has introduced two new 2.5-inch (laptop) hard drives offering the largest amount of storage in their classes, meanwhile in separate component news, we confirm our report last week that Apple has reached a quarter million deal with Samsung to secure iPad screen supplies.

Toshiba’s first drive is the standard 9.5 millimeter-thick, two-platter hard drive model MK7559GSXP with the maximum capacity of 750GB. This is a standard SATA 2 hard drive that can fit in any laptop computer.

The second drive is a three-platter drive that comes in the new 12.5 millimeter thick platform, which offers 750GB and 1TB of storage.

As this is a thicker drive it is possible we may have to wait a while longer before 1TB becomes standard issue in Apple’s thin laptops, but the theoretical maximum is in sight. We can imagine this kind of capacity would benefit anyone involved in serious video or audio production work.

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