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Did Apple’s Tim Cook fancy The Fancy for Apple Store iPad app?

Did Apple's Tim Cook fancy The Fancy for Apple Store iPad app?

Just a short note, but in July last year Apple CEO, Tim Cook, reportedly signed-up for a Fancy account for some reason. We didn’t know why, but I will say that when I looked at the all-new Apple Store App for the iPad (like Amazon but good) it seemed pretty clear he fancied some of the ideas he saw. That’s not to say Apple stole any ideas, but he was obviously looking for a graphically-rich, shareable, social-friendly inspiration for ideas to support the Apple Retail Store, and I think he drew some inspiration from The Fancy. And why wouldn’t he? He was responsible for the Apple Store at that time, as the company couldn’t find a decent man for the job (and they picked a very smart woman instead). Just a thought.

The Fancy

Rerun: Let the iPhone 4 rumor mill begin…

With the iPad out the way where oh where can the Mac rumor focus go – to the next-gen (so-called 4G) iPhone, that’s where, and Bloomberg last month began this speculative gold rush, claiming the new iPhone (which you got to accept, in the words of Douglas Adams, is going to give us a period of “rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty”) will offer a more advanced camera and may have a touch-sensitive casing.

Goldman Sachs (where Apple COO Tim Cook crooned earlier today) came up with this skinny/guessing, with analyst Robert Chen making the claim one month ago.

The analyst reckons the new iPhone will “feature a new plastic casing similar to that used for Apple’s touch-panel Magic Mouse released last year”.

“The technology may be replicated in the new iPhone to offer touch-sensitive features on the rear of the handset, Chen said.”

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Apple’s Q1 sees record iPod, iPhone sales

08ipodtouchheroThe Apple machine continues to roll, with the company reporting record Q1 financial results featuring record iPod and iPhone sales and dropping some insights onto its future netbook plans.

The company achieved record revenue of $10.17 billion and record net quarterly profit of $1.61 billion. These compare to revenue of $9.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $1.58 billion, in the year-ago quarter.

Apple sold 2,524,000 Macs, 22,727,000 iPods and 4,363,000 iPhones in the quarter, the latter representing 88 percent unit growth over the year-ago quarter.

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Apple’s Japanese puzzle as iPhone sales slow

Japan remains a challenging market for Apple’s media products and services, with news that migrating consumers there from ringtones to a la carte downloads of music has been challenging now matched by reports claiming disappointing iPhone sales in the country.

Market research firm MM Research Institute claims Apple sold about 200, 000 phones in Japan in the first two months since launch, but observes the rate of sale has declined “analysts now widely believe sales are unlikely to reach a total of 500,000 units, half the one million units that they previously thought Apple could sell.”

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